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Historical Society to feature Auld

Historical Society of the Upper Mojave Desert–

The Society’s March meeting will feature local school historian Bruce Auld speaking on the history of Burroughs High School and its illustrious alumni. The meeting will occur at the Historic USO Building at 230 W. Ridgecrest Blvd. at 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday, March 21. 

Auld Bruce

If you’ve been reading the News-Review for the last couple of years, you’ve undoubtedly noticed Bruce Auld’s regular articles about Burroughs High School alumni, sports, and other extra-curricular programs. He has gathered these articles and much more material into a soon-to-be-published book. 

The Burros Book, A History of Sherman E. Burroughs High School, The Mighty Burros.’ 

At the March meeting, Bruce will give us an overview of the book and Burroughs’s history and alums, starting with Dr. Jerry Hough, Andrew Hoyem, and Jared Allen, who was recently nominated for a Grammy. 

Then a Q&A period should lead to some fascinating discussions.