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Homelessness continues to rise nationally

Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Office–     According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, that’s how much homelessness has increased nationally this year compared to 2022.

This data comes months after the Biden administration contrived plans they claimed would reduce homelessness by 25 percent by 2025, prematurely touting that they had already “begun to halt the rapid rise” of homelessness.

But the administration’s assessment projects a false sense of reality, as President Biden’s promise has fallen incredibly short and homelessness continues to rise.

It’s a crisis that is affecting communities from coast to coast, including places like Connecticut, Washington, D.C., New York City, New Orleans, and Sacramento.

As taxpayers are left on the hook for these expensive and ineffective schemes, they can only be left with one conclusion: the rise of homelessness derives directly from Democrats’ failed policies.

To make matters worse, the most robust data collection of this year’s figures, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Point in Time count, remains undisclosed, and with no immediate release date in sight, it makes one wonder – is the worst yet to come?