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If this cost upsets you, speak out

When you see what you will have to pay for the Groundwater Authority’s overpriced pipeline project,  it will be time to make another big cut in your household spending. How much?  How about at least $100 a month?   Think not? That’s just because the GA has been much less than open and communicative about it.  They don’t want it well known because it might mean a big backlash. The figures have been available for over 3 years,  published in a little-discussed committee report in 2019.  They can claim it is public knowledge, but what does it all mean, and how many of you even know about it?

 It means that no matter how little they might make it cost, it will cost you at least $54 a month. But that is just the absolute bottom line. The better possibility is around $100 a month.  So,  in order to provide public information that everybody can look at about this threat to their quality of living, there is now an Excel spreadsheet that you can use to explore the facts.  It uses the GA’s own published data as a starting point. Just keep in mind that the data is now over three years old, so a place to add in cost inflation is in the sheet You can see what using different possibilities comes to.  

The sheet is available on the website to Look for the page AVEK-CAL City Pipeline versus LADWP interconnect: The sheet has a summary of possible scenarios, which place the range of possible costs to you at $79 to $132 a month.  Yes, that’s right.  Just take a look. 

If interest is high enough, I might consider placing the fact summary in print for all to see.  It’s not going to be easy to swallow and does not have to cost this much, but the unelected body called the Groundwater Authority has shown that your monthly cost does not matter to them.

If this upsets you to have even more taxes put on you, especially after having 1% added to your spending costs by the City, then you need to speak out. The entities to speak to are the Groundwater Authority, the City Council, and the County District One Supervisor. You can email them at the following:

Groundwater Authority-  , , , ,

City Council-  City

County District 1 Supervisor- 

Mike Neal