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Jay Young and Jeanne Young share in honoring Joy Young as the longest standing Charter Member of IWV Altrusa /Laura Austin Photo

IWV Altrusa celebrates 60 years of serves to community

By Patricia Farris News Review Publisher– The Indian Wells Valley Chapter of Altrusa was chartered in 1962.  They celebrated their 60th anniversary Tuesday night October 25th at Casey’s restaurant with members, dignitaries and guests.  

Altrusa Governor Melanie Aguirre commended the club for their outstanding achievement. /Laura Austin Photo

Altrusa Governor Melanie Aguirre and Governor Elect April Smith traveled here to address the club.  They commended them for their many achievements.  

Joy Young, was honored as the longest standing Charter Member.  Some of her notable achievements included working with Altrusans by serving as tutors.  She later took over the program and won the Letha Brown Literary award at the district level.

Jeanne Young, the clubs longest standing member was recognized for her many years of service.  Judy Tharp is the longest active member. Some of the clubs activities have included manning the Child Abuse Hotline & providing books and magazines to the dialysis center.

Altrusa has made numerous contributions to other organizations such as the Women’s Center, the Salvation Army’s food drive and Women of Math and Science as well as Safe Grad Night.  Altrusa provides scholarship to Burroughs, Mesquite and Cerro Coso College students.  

Altrusa volunteers Connor Auld and Mackenzy Crow help a child shop for cloths at Walmart, during the KidSpree shopping event Saturday morning.
/Laura Austin Photo

One of the most popular events is the KidsSpree   that provides clothing for under privileged children.  The most recent KidsSpree happened on Saturday, October 29 at Walmart.  50 plus children were included in the event. 

Councilmen Kyle Blades reads a proclamation form the City of Ridgecrest to the club.
/Laura Austin Photo

As a part of the evening’s program, Councilmen Kyle Blades presented a proclamation on behalf of the City of Ridgecrest to President Tammy Tucker.  The proclamation was in recognition of what Altrusa has done for the community.  Christmas Tree Lane, is featured at Santa’s Art Shop  each year as one of the best known events.  This event is scheduled for the first weekend of December.  It will be held at the Desert Empire Fair.  Decorated Christmas trees are raffled off at this event.  This event is a major fundraiser.