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IWVWD achieves positive outcome in securing water

Ridgecrest, CA… The Indian Wells Valley Water District (Water District) is pleased to announce a significant development in its ongoing commitment to securing a sustainable water future for our community. In a recent hearing regarding the first substantive phase of the basin adjudication proceedings, the Water District received a favorable ruling on its motion.

The outcome of the hearing, which occurred on March 22, 2024, is an essential step forward in ensuring fair and sustainable water supply solutions in the Indian Wells Valley. One of the key decisions made by the Court was to grant the Water District’s request to set a Phase 1 trial. The judge has set the first substantive phase of trial to determine the US’s Federal Reserved water rights claim, marking a significant milestone in the adjudication process.

The Court also granted the Water District’s request to extend the waiver of filing fees until June 30, 2024. This means that anyone who hasn’t yet filed an answer can still do so without incurring the considerable $1,000 filing fee. Information on how to file an answer can be found on the Water District’s website.

In another pivotal step toward resolving water rights issues in the region, the Court has set a deadline of May 17, 2024, for Initial Disclosures from parties who submitted answers by March 22, 2024. For those who haven’t filed answers yet, Initial Disclosures are due within 60 days of filing. A sample form for Initial Disclosures is available on the Water District’s website.

“This favorable ruling reflects the dedication and perseverance of the Indian Wells Valley Water District,” said Ronald Kicinski, President of the District’s Board of Directors. “We’re committed to ensuring fairness for our customers and transparency throughout this process, and we appreciate the support of our community.”

The setting of a Phase 1 trial represents an important milestone in the Water District’s ongoing efforts to establish a sustainable framework for water management. The Water District remains dedicated to working with stakeholders, the most accomplished and renowned scientists and engineers, and regulatory authorities to find solutions that benefit everyone in the Indian Wells Valley.

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