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Laura Austin Photo / Ridgecrest Mayor Eric Bruen presents Leadership Award to David Janiec.

Janiec receives Leadership Award

By Pat Farris News Review Publisher – David Janiec was named Kern County first district ‘Resident of the Year at a special reception given in his honor Wednesday night, November 9, at the California Welcome Center.

Janiec received the 2022 California Contracting/Acquisitions/Procurement “CCAP” leadership award. The award was given in conjunction with CCAP Industry Days.

He is currently the executive director of the China Lake alliance, and also serves as the chairman of the policy advisory committee that represents the community on water issues.

Janiec retired as a senior executive in the Department of the Navy in 2016. He served 35 years as an engineer, manager and leader. As a senior executive, he served as director of the Weapons and Energetics Department of the Naval Air Systems Command.

In his final position, he served as director for the Software and Missions Systems Integration Department. 

Mayor Eric Bruen presented the award and included a long list of accolades regarding his long history of leadership in the community. Bruen commented on Janiec’s positive efforts in bringing China Lake and Ridgecrest together. Janiec said, “I accept this on behalf of the China Lake Alliance and the work they have done.”

Supervisor Phillip Peters recognized Janiec as the first-ever Resident of the Year for the first district of Kern County. 

Naval Air Warfare Command Weapons Division (NAWCWD) leaders past and present were also in attendance and commended Janiec for his contribution to the mission at China Lake. Those present were RADM Keith Hash, Executive Director Dan Carreno, and former Technical Director at China Lake, Joan Johnson.