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Joan Johnson was named the recipient of the Innovators Award NAWCWD Expo

RIDGECREST, CA October 6, 2023, Kari Crutcher– Joan Johnson, a storied veteran in the contracting, acquisition, and procurement sector, has been named the honored recipient of the prestigious 2023 Innovators Award at the California Contracting, Acquisition, and Procurement (CCAP) NAWCWD Industry Days expo.

The expo, a notable event in the industry, serves as a nexus for prime contractors, emerging small businesses, and procurement professionals navigating the landscape of military contracting opportunities. It fosters collaboration and innovation, spotlighting individuals making significant contributions to the field.

Joan Johnson

Johnson, currently at the helm of LongView Group LLC, is receiving the accolade in recognition of her unyielding dedication and substantial contributions to the industry, both as the Executive Director of NAWCWD China Lake and through her consultancy endeavors post-retirement.

With a remarkable career that seamlessly bridges the realms of industry and government over 38 years, Johnson has been a beacon of innovation and steadfast leadership. She notably led a monumental task during her tenure, orchestrating a nearly $4 billion renovation of facilities at NAWS China Lake post-earthquake. This initiative revitalized the infrastructure and laid a robust foundation for sustained innovation at the facility, cementing her enduring legacy.

Her journey commenced in the industry as a software/systems engineer, where she was instrumental in researching, developing, and integrating solutions for airborne avionics and Electronic Warfare systems. Johnson’s trajectory saw her taking on roles of increasing responsibility, from Engineering Program Manager to Software Engineering Department Manager, leading teams developing cutting-edge Electronic Warfare suites for various branches of the U.S. military.

In 2000, Johnson transitioned into government service at NAWCWD China Lake. She quickly ascended the ranks, ultimately serving as Executive Director for the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) from February 2016 to August 2020. In this capacity, she was entrusted with overseeing strategic and business planning, business process efficiency, and technical oversight of weapon systems and technology programs, among other significant responsibilities. Johnson’s naval career was most notably finalized as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Research, Development, Test and Engineering in 2022.

Johnson’s extensive list of accolades reflects a career marked by excellence and commitment to her field. She has received several distinguished awards, including the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award in 2011 from the Naval Air Warfare Center.