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Juveniles arrested for burglary at Tractor Supply

Ridgecrest Police Department Sgt. Nathan Lloyd– On May 14, 2023, at approximately 02:20 hours, Officer Beard and Officer Vega-Flores swiftly responded to an audible burglary alarm at the Tractor Supply store located at 911 S. China Lake Blvd. Their prompt and efficient action led to the apprehension of two juveniles who were found in possession of stolen items.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers identified two juveniles attempting to flee and hide from law enforcement. With quick action and teamwork, Officers swiftly apprehended the suspects and ensured they were taken into custody. The juveniles were found to be in possession of CO2-powered BB guns, which had been unlawfully taken from the store during the burglary.

A review of the surveillance footage revealed that the two juveniles entered the store and then exited a short time later carrying stolen items. Furthermore, the suspects were also discovered to be in possession of suspected stolen bicycles, possibly connecting them to potential additional criminal activities.

The juveniles were later transported to Kern County Juvenile Hall and booked.