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KCFD awarded $2.75 Million in USDA grant funds

KERN COUNTY Fire Department (KCFD) Andrew Freeborn– 

The Kern County Fire Department is excited to announce we have been awarded nearly $2.75 million in grant funds. The grant funds are part of the U.S.D.A. Community Wildfire Defense Grant Program. This program is intended to help at-risk local communities; plan for and reduce wildfire risk. The grant funds will provide for the following:

Prescribed Fire Program– $2,225,207 to purchase firing equipment, two transport trailers to support the KCFD Prescribed Fire Program, and funding for prescribed burn operations in identified high-risk areas.

Prescribed Fire Program Training– $513,533 to provide training for KCFD Prescribed Fire Program members. This personnel will provide the required planning, direction, oversight, and technical expertise when conducting prescribed burns around Kern County’s at-risk communities.

We are grateful to have been selected for this grant funding and for its positive impact on our ability to protect our communities.