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Kern Co. Libraries awarded $12.8 Million Grant

Kern County Ally Soper Chief Com. Officer–  Kern County awarded $12.8 million from the California State Library

Building Forward Library Infrastructure Grant Program for Kern County Library Branches

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce Kern County has been awarded $12.8 million in California State Library funding from the Building Forward Library Infrastructure Grant Program with no County match. This allocation will be used to benefit 17 of our branches, with the largest allocation going to Beale Memorial Library at more than $2.9 million.

This funding will support critical infrastructure improvements that will aid in the overall library experience for children and families. Particularly, as temperatures soared and school was out of session, our libraries provided refuge for our community’s most vulnerable. It is vital our libraries are equipped with the resources to continue to provide these quality-of-life services year-round.

“The Library Department is thrilled to receive over $12.8 million for addressing life safety and other critical maintenance projects within 17 of our public libraries. The County is committed to supporting their libraries, and this award is a significant investment to library infrastructure,” said Andie Sullivan, Director of Kern County Libraries.

Other improvements include making Kern County libraries safer with added security, more accessible with ADA upgrades, and cleaner with needed air quality improvements. This investment will help Kern County libraries continue their crucial roles of providing safe and educational spaces for children and families throughout our many communities.

The Ridgecrest Library was included in the 17 libraries that were awarded funding. For more information, please contact Ally Soper at (661) 308-6805.