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Marie McArtor presents a photograph of her mother “Josie” McArtor. / Laura Austin Photo

Local woman’s mother solves problem for Voyager

By Marie McArtor Special to the News Review– When they were putting their team together to prepare Voyager for its mission, they hired a young woman because she had some experience they needed.  The launch was delayed several times because they could not get the radio to work properly, which was to send info back to Earth.

When that young woman went home that day, she was still pondering the problem.  During the night, she woke up with the solution in her mind.

The next day, they implemented the change and have since proved it solved the problem.  Last week, NASA reported that Voyager was now over a billion miles from Earth, and the radio was still transmitting data.

The reason I know this actually was the case is because that woman was my mother.  She had only an eighth-grade formal education but was very intelligent and had absorbed much information in her various jobs that now stood her in good stead.