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Make a difference, stand up for life

What is the most infamous day in American history? What day has resulted in conditions ushering in more death and suffering than all our wars combined? That day was January 22, 1973, with the Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision.  Since then, about 63 million innocent babies have died by abortion, most by brutal means. Millions of women who had these abortions have been damaged for life, physically and/or emotionally.  Our Nation has suffered the lack of talent and vitality that these 63 million people could have brought. Did you know that those aborted children would comprise almost 20% of our current population if allowed to live, and that 25% of pregnancies are terminated by an abortion procedure? Ridgecrest, as part of California continues to be part of this holocaust. Given the large percentage of abortions, and that one-third of women get pregnant before age 20, we have around 75-100 abortions performed on teenage Ridgecrest women each year. The question to you is,  Does that matter? Are you moved at all by these facts? Do 63 million deaths count for anything, or are they ignorable because most are unseen? Maybe they aren’t so unseen. You actually most likely know someone who is directly affected by abortion, or who is about to be. If you could do anything about this, would you? 

An investment of one hour of your time can help bring awareness of this needless killing to our town. On January 22 from 2:00-3:00 PM a prayer vigil and Sanctity of Human Life demonstration will be held in front of the Ridgecrest Hospital on China Lake Blvd. Signs will be available for those wishing to display the truths about abortions to the public (pick them up next to the Rural Health entrance, on the north side).  In just one hour of your time, almost 1 thousand people will see that abortion is not a forgotten and ignored atrocity in Ridgecrest. This could make the difference of life or death for a child.  Is that worth one hour of your life?  Ignoring injustice only allows it to continue. Stand up for LIFE.  For further questions , contact 760 3752016. Spread the word.

Michael Neel