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Maturango to celebrate March Equinox Sunday

Maturango Museum Elaine Wiley – The Maturango Museum celebrates the March equinox on Sunday, March 19, 2023, from noon to 3 pm. We will have a sun/earth/moon model to view and a craft; if weather permits, astronomers will set up their telescopes to view the sun.


A solar equinox is a moment when the sun appears directly above the equator rather than north or south of the equator. On the day of the equinox, the Sun appears to rise “due east” and set “due west,” and daylight and night are almost equal in length in most time zones worldwide.

The March equinox is when the Sun crosses the equator from the south to the north. For us in the northern hemisphere, this moment marks the beginning of spring. The March equinox is also called the vernal or spring equinox. For those in the southern hemisphere, the March equinox marks the autumnal or fall equinox and the beginning of fall. The actual March equinox for Ridgecrest is Monday, March 20, at 2:24 pm.

The Maturango Museum is located at 100 E Las Flores Ave, Ridgecrest. Website – and phone # – 760-375-6900.