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Mayor Bruen does not address concerns of citizens

I cannot think of one single reason why the citizens of Ridgecrest would want to reelect Mayor Eric Bruen for a second term. It has been my observation that he does not want to hear from the citizens or address their concerns or interest, and only supports city management, special interest and his inner circle. He pats himself on the back for having short meetings, while showing no interest in having interface with the public at the council meetings and limits public comment in violation of the Brown Act. He sets the timer for no reason or need, and allows his favorites to go beyond their time while restricting others.

He started out his term as mayor at a council meeting attacking, demeaning and disparaging Dave Matthews and Mike Neel, calling them liars for disagreeing with him. See: new mayor eric bruen throws temper tantrum at first council meeting/ new mayor eric bruen throws temper tantrum at first council meeting/ 

 Mr. Dave Matthews and Mr. Mike Neel are two of the most honorable men I have known, both have been watching over our city and participating in our local government long before Mr. Bruen showed any interest in our city government. Mr. Matthews and Mr. Neel were always respectful to the community and the council. Unfortunately we lost Mr. Matthews. Mr. Bruen’s attitude toward public comment is clearly obvious, he only wants to hear from citizens that agrees with him and does not believe in the First Amendment right to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances, (Freedom of Speech). Watch the attacks on a citizen, asking reasonable questions, at the last city council meeting.. 

 Mr. Bruen is a typical progressive who’s only tool against those who disagree him is to call them angry alarmists, because he cannot intellectually support his position. He blindly believes in woke ideology, that the people are not smart enough to take care of themselves. He did not even consider standing up to the state for its unconstitutional order on mandatory trash service, violating the people’s inherent rights, when the city mandated all the family residents must pay for a service they can do for themselves. He apparently believes the people are not smart enough to take their own trash to the dump and deposit their recycling in the recycling bin. He believes the government should be the people’s mommy and daddy. What is next we have to pay someone to wash our car, wash our cloths or cook our dinner?

Mr. Bruen’s actions and statements have shown he is a socialist and does not believe in our Declaration of Independence or our republic form of government for the people and by the people. He has no interest in having a limited government or performing his primary duty to protect the people’s liberty and freedom given to us by our creator. A country that was deliberately and consciously created as a republic, requiring our elected representatives to only infringe on the people’s liberty and freedom as a last resort. He has a progressive attitude to punish the innocent to correct problems, rather than hold the law breaker’s accountable.

Mr. Bruen believes the people have too much money, and wants to increase our sales tax. He made no effort to reduce city spending and voted to spend a large part of the excess Covid funds on parks rather than things that could reduce future city costs.

We need someone who works for the people.


Ronald L. Porter