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Mayor Bruen ignores fentanyl and crime crisis

To the Editor

The video is a very powerful statement by Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco and it addresses the nature of Ridgecrest’s fentanyl and crime crisis. Mayor Eric Bruen ignores these issues. He has failed to demand that the State legislature act immediately to reverse AB109, the so-called Public Safety Realignment Act, which Bianco states is “fraudulently called criminal justice reform.”

Before she was termed out, former Mayor Peggy Breeden was crying crocodile tears on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, saying that Ridgecrest needed “workers” while she lamented that because of a lack of workers, her beloved business community might have to pay $20/hour to those  “workers”.

Instead of addressing Ridgecrest’s fentanyl crisis and the illegal immigrant invasion, Mayor Bruen embraces a “rapidly changing demographic”, i.e. the very same “workers” needed to fill slots for members of their beloved Chamber of Commerce.

In other words, Bruen and Breeden not only ignored the Fentanyl crisis, the immigration invasion, and the high rate of crime in Ridgecrest, they embraced what Sheriff Bianco calls a “sick and twisted social experiment”, which is a direct cause for this crisis.

As Sheriff Bianco states, this is intentional. Ask the Mayor how many “lifesaving awards” were given to Ridgecrest police in the last six months. Furthermore, ask yourself how many residents in Ridgecrest have been disabled or killed by the deadly and injurious COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, which was mandated by Governor Newsom and which Mayor Bruen also embraced.

Finally, while the City is busy buying new police cars and an armored Bearcat, along with 24 automated license plate readers, ask yourself why hasn’t Mayor Eric Bruen and the City of Ridgecrest presented a Service Award to former Chief of Police Jed McLaughlin, who is on now on permanent “medical leave”? Do you know why? I do.

Mike Sinnott