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McCarthy, ‘Biden continues to ignore border, but no more’

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s office–

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (CA-20) was joined by Representatives Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11), August Pfluger (TX-11), Claudia Tenney (NY-24), and Ryan Zinke (MT-01) in a press conference last night demanding President Biden and Congress take action to fund the government and secure the border.

Speaker McCarthy – “As we continue to walk through and get these appropriation bills done, we see the other failure of President Biden – our Southern border. Every single day, Americans are dying from the fentanyl. We see trains of illegal individuals coming up through there. We see our border agents bloodied in the fights that are happening at the border. The president continues to ignore it, but no more.”

Key Highlights –

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis – “This morning, our city put out an advisory that the people of the City of New York should carry around Narcan with them. That’s how bad the fentanyl crisis has gotten… recommending the citizens of New York walk around with Narcan. We had a one-year-old baby die last week at a daycare center where there was a drug ring in the basement of that facility. Between the bail law of New York that allows drug traffickers and drug dealers back onto our streets and the open border, this is the crisis that we’re seeing – unprecedented.”

Rep. August Pfluger – “Everybody’s talking about a shutdown and that’s all that’s been in the news. I’m talking about a shutdown, too – we need the Southern border to be shut down. I just came from Eagle Pass yesterday and if you want to talk about heartbreak and tragedy, meet the woman who was brutally assaulted, kidnapped, and separated from her husband. Thirty stitches in the back of her head, kicked in the face by Cartel members. I blame Joe Biden for that – for allowing the cartels to have operational control of the Southern border.”

Rep. Claudia Tenney -“This is a real problem that we’ve got to resolve and we are standing strong on this. It must be passed. I know everyone’s talking about shutdowns but this border issue is the issue of the day. It is the most important issue we face as a nation. It’s undermining the wealth and I talk about the relative wealth of our senior citizens, our taxpayers, who are dependent on, you know, whether it’s their social security or their small 401ks or pensions – they are paying for this in Upstate New York. We are paying with unfunded mandates for this crisis… I give kudos to the Speaker and everyone who has contributed to making this bill comprehensive, humane and something that’s going to benefit our citizens. It’s going to benefit our taxpayers and it’s going to be giving us an alternative to this disaster we’re seeing at our border.”

Rep. Ryan Zinke -“I’m an optimist. We have great leadership. I think America also knows that we want to do the right thing. We said when we came into office, we’d do two things: We’d curb the spending and we’d remove the woke – and we did. I think everyone agrees the right thing to do is pass the appropriations bills and then move to the Senate and negotiate them, and come and do our job as a Congress.”

During the online press conference Tuesday, McCarthy shared the information on President Biden having received money from China on behalf of his son, Hunter Biden.

“President Biden has lied to Americans again,” McCarthy said. “We now have found today that when President was running for the presidency and he told the American people that, ‘My family has never received money from China,’ was wrong.”

Included in the discovery were two checks that were wired from Beijing from a Chinese individual, Jonathan Li, totaling $250,000 to Hunter Biden at the president’s home address.

McCarthy said he is curious if Hunter was living in the home at the time the money wire was made or if Hunter was living in California at the time.

McCarthy went on to say that Li not only became good friends with Hunter Biden, but he also became friends with President Biden, who later wrote letters of recommendation for Li’s children for college.