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Kevin McCarthy fights tooth and nail against Democrat Spending Blowout

McCarthy: ‘In only Days, Democrats’ Business as Usual Approach is Over’


On the December 14th press conference, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, Republican Whip Steve Scalise, Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, Ranking Member Kay Granger, Ranking Member Jason Smith, and Ranking Member Mike Turner made it clear that they oppose Democrats’ reckless omnibus and laid out their vision to eliminate wasteful spending under a Republican majority in the House.

Leader McCarthy (CA-23): “This omnibus represents Biden’s destructive agenda – exactly what the new House Republican majority will fight tooth-and-nail against if Republicans hold the line. House Republicans refuse to support this bill and the dysfunction that brought us to this point. Taxpayers deserve accountability now.”

Whip Scalise (LA-01): “We need to change the way that Washington does business… The Democrat House, the Democrat Senate, and the Democrat White House had all year to get funding taken care of by September 30th — and of course, they blew through that deadline.” Chair Stefanik (NY-21): “The lame-duck Democrats have spent the last two years running up the tab on the backs of hardworking American families… On day one in the majority, we will start reigning in the Biden administration and delivering on our Commitment to America.”

Ranking Member Granger (TX-12): “House Republicans will work toward a spending agreement that cuts wasteful spending, reduces inflation, and prioritizes border security and national defense.” Ranking Member Smith (MO-08): “In the first twenty months of Joe Biden, he has added more than ten trillion dollars in new spending. That’s a record for any President in the first twenty months in the history of the United States.”

Ranking Member Turner (OH-10): “This omnibus represents continued out-of-control spending in Washington… I will oppose this bill and encourage others to do so because of what it does to American families and their economic security.”