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McCarthy named by GOP as Speaker of the House

Rep Kevin McCarthy, was nominated by the GOP to become Speaker of the House. The transfer of power will be in January. The Republicans reached the number 218 which gave them the majority. According to reports, there are still 6 seats that have not been called.

Kevin McCarthy / Courtesy Photo

Unofficially, as of November 15, for Congressional District 20 Kern County, McCarthy received 50,143 votes, with his Democratic competitor Marisa Wood receiving 21,333 votes. 

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, made the following declaration on November 15, 2022, “The era of one-party, Democratic rule in Washington is over.”  

According to the Kern County Election Division, the unofficial election results will be certified by December 16, 2022. As of Tuesday, November 15, the following unofficial results are being posted.

State Senator Shannon Grove received 55,628 votes. Her Democratic opponent, Susanne Gundy received 20,117 votes.  Assemblyman Vince Fong had no contestant. He will remain in his seat.

For Kern County Board of Education, Lori Cisneros received 11,321 votes with Ernie Bell receiving 7,940. For Kern Community College District area 2, Christina Scrivner received 12,488 votes with Jennifer Slayton receiving 9,103 votes. For Mayor of the City of Ridgecrest, Eric Bruen will retain his seat, he received 2,801 votes with his opponent Thomas Wiknich receiving 2,057 votes. For City Council, Loren Scott Hayman will retain his seat having received 2,487 votes.  John “Skip” Gorman will be seated as a new council member having received 2,064 votes.

For the 3 seats available on Sierra Sands Unified School District Board, Robert Campbell leads with 2,880 votes, Mary Campbell has

2,826 votes, with Kurt Rockwell receiving 2,264 votes. Measure P, the Ridgecrest Sales Tax Measure, passed with 1,301 yes votes to 1,155 no votes. Election results remain unofficial at press time.