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McCarthy requests $16.9 M for Dist. pipeline replacement

Mr. Patrick O’Brien

Director Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation U.S. Department of Defense

2231 Crystal Drive, Suite 520

Arlington, VA. 22202

Dear Mr. O’Brien:

I am writing to express my support for the Indian Wells Valley Water District’s application requesting $16.9M in funding under the Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot (DCIP) Program for the Northwest Transmission Mainline replacement and protection of a critical water supply for both Ridgecrest, California, and Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake.  More specifically, Northwest Transmission Mainline (Mainline) is the only direct water interconnection between the City of Ridgecrest, California, and NAWS China Lake.  The Mainline supports the installation’s research, development, acquisition, test, and evaluation missions.

If awarded, this project would restore Mainline’s original capability and reliable service after being damaged by the Ridgecrest earthquakes in 2019.  This would reduce the risk of wildfire impacts and impaired roads and enhance the community’s direct water supply, where many of our base personnel live.  The funding for the project would cover the inspection, construction, utilities, administration, and contingency expenses.  Specifically, this project would replace approximately 19,400 feet of 30” diameter Cement Mortar Lines & Cement Mortar Coated steel pipe, 19,400 feet of 24” diameter Polyvinyl Chloride pipe, eight in-line valves, 13 air values, and 13 blow-offs.

Thank you for your consideration of the Indian Wells Valley Water District’s application for the DCIP Program.  This project fits the intent of the program to address deficiencies in community infrastructure and enhances military resilience.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Member of Congress