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Moe’s Music Owners Britta and Jordan Covert organize and sort scores of inventory as they lounge on this unique zebra printed couch. Laura Austin Photo

Moe’s celebrates its grand opening with an Open Jam Night

By LAURA QUEZADA News Review Staff Writer

Join local musicians and music lovers at Moe’s Grand Re-opening on Saturday, July 8, at 5 pm at 219 Balsam Street. The reopening is celebrated with a Moe’s Music tradition, an Open Jam Night.

Open Jam features local bands and musicians who sign up that night on a first-come, first-served basis.

There may be first-time performers, seasoned bands, or combinations of folks from bands who like to play with each other. This is a fun way to get experience without preparing more than a few songs. You never know who you will find, but it is always a good time.

The entire store will be open. You can browse second-hand CDs, vinyl, new instrument accessories, and assorted music-related goods. Owners Britta and Jordan Covert are still determining their hours once they are fully open, but they plan to have more than were previously available. They will announce their hours on social media once they figure it out.

A full-scale concert will be announced soon, possibly at the end of July or August. Jordan tells us, “A concert is more fully fleshed out sets and more planned with what bands are going to play.  We’ve had folks express interest in playing a concert, so we’re excited to work out those details with those people.”

On May 19, 2023, the News Review announced the change in ownership from Ashley and Davey Jones to the Coverts. We reported, “The buzz around town is folks asking, ‘Is it going to change? Are they going to do the same things?’ Well, we can relax now. Jordan says, ‘What inspired us to buy this place, instead of just letting the space eventually fall to someone else for different purposes, was because we wanted the same thing. We wanted it to be what it is and to continue.’”

Today Jordan reiterates, “Moe’s fills a very particular niche in this community. And we didn’t want to see that close-up. The only way it wasn’t going to close up was if somebody bought it, and later it became clear that it was not going to close up if we bought it. So we did.”

The News Review featured Jordan in the Spring of 2022 before his performance at the 4th Annual Music Festival. We reported, “While pursuing further music experience and education, Covert saved his money and indulged in a European journey. After spending a week in Spain, he headed to Vienna, Austria, to participate in a master class. The student next to him, a lovely young woman, was also a composer from Las Vegas.

Over the next several months, their mutual love of music opened their eyes to other common interests. Now he has been happily married to Britta for almost 14 months.” They have been married for about two and a half years and have a healthy, happy baby girl, Triana.

Britta says this: “I first met him at a workshop in Vienna for aspiring film composers to learn about orchestration. We all sat down and introduced ourselves. I told them I started in songwriting and wanted to start a band and had varying levels of success getting people together for it. I did some solo performances and wrote music, alternative rock. And then, I went to school for classical music and switched to film music afterward. And this guy sitting next to me looks at me, and he’s like, ‘Well, it’s like I’m looking in a mirror.’” Jordan says, “We found out that first week of knowing each other in Europe that we had a lot in common.” Britta adds, “Including a lot of obscure rock bands.”

Both of the Coverts have Bachelor’s Degrees in Music Composition, which is a great credit for owners of a music store. In addition, Jordan has a degree in business from Cerro Coso. “While waiting to go to university, I had started here at Cerro Coso and graduated with a fine arts degree, but I couldn’t transfer that year, not yet. So I realized I had a couple of classes already taken in the general direction of an AA in Business Administration.” He decided to take the four additional courses needed and finished during his first year at University, studying accounting and music composition simultaneously.

“Guitar and voice are my primary instruments and then keyboards secondarily, but I teach all three of those,” says Jordan. “I also teach composition and other fretted instruments like ukulele and mandolin.” Britta says, “Voice is probably my main instrument. But I play enough guitar to jam and enough piano to write.”

It is a fitting piece of this love story to learn how Jordan proposed to Britta. He had been working on a composition under a fictitious title on his software. Then it came time for him to share the work. “I did not suspect that it was proposal related until the day he hooked it up to the speakers and my parents started taking photos.”

And now our community gets to share their story by supporting and enjoying Moe’s Music Store.