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Murray semi-finals matchup, M and Z, up against X, where X (with a VexJets team) won by 1 point, 129-128! (facing us left to right- Andy, Nate, Talen, Liam, Sebastian, Chris, back to us, left to right, Tyler, Caitlin, Aaron)

Murray Robotics Teams head to Regional Championships

Sierra Sands Unified School District–Ridgecrest, CA – The Murray Robotics teams had an amazing season, with all three teams earning their way to the Regional Championships, to be held at Bakersfield College on March 3rd.

7422Z won the Inspire Award during the Kern County season, which qualified them for Regionals. They also won the Think Award, which ‘double qualified’ them, during this past Saturday’s Stars and Stripes Tournament. In addition to the awards, they finished the season “skills rankings” in 4th place and the tournament skills rankings in 4th place. At the tournament, they were paired with fellow Murray team 7422M in the knockout bracket, where they were semifinalists.

7422M finished the season with an 8th-place ranking in skills and a 3rd-place skills ranking in the tournament, which earned them their spot at Regionals. They were also ranked high enough in the tournament rankings to choose their teammate, 7422Z, for the knockout rounds, where they finished as semifinalists.

7422X finished the season strong, making it to the semifinals, and got 10th in the skills ranking. At the tournament, they ranked 5th in skills, and after several “upset wins” during the knockout rounds, won the tournament, earning their spot to Regionals as Tournament Champions.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the hard work, dedication, and determination to improve throughout the season and within each competition,” stated teacher and club advisor Michelle Brouchoud.

“Like true engineers, these kids are constantly looking for ways to improve their robot and strive to be the best they can be. In addition to the after-school club time and some GTT class time, most of the team members also work during their advisory and lunchtimes. Their hard work has paid off as all three teams are excited to make final adjustments, getting ready for the Regional competition.”