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National Wreaths Across America Day, this Dec. 16

Wreaths Across America Michael Cash– It’s almost time to unite as a country for National Wreaths Across America Day this December 16, 2023, at all of the WWA participating locations. WAA currently has over 4000 cemetery locations throughout the United States registered to participate and that number continues to grow daily!  You may purchase your wreath at this link.

The entire WAA Team is working hard behind the scenes to process orders quickly, and they appreciate all your group is doing to send funds in as you receive them.


November 28, 2023: Cutoff Date for 2023 Wreath Orders

Saturday, December 16, 2023: National Wreaths Across America Day

WAA will accept sponsorships all year round. The last day that wreaths are guaranteed for delivery in 2023 is the Cutoff Date, Tuesday, November 28th at 11:59 pm EST. Any sponsorships received after that date are not guaranteed for delivery this year, but WAA will do its best to get them on the truck in time. Any wreaths that don’t get delivered for placement this year will be added as a credit for the location for next year, giving them a head start for 2024!

The Cutoff Date is Tuesday, November 28th, 2023.

The Desert Memorial Park in Ridgecrest currently has 765 wreaths for 2023.  We hope to achieve 1100 wreaths.  One wreath for every veteran memorialized at Desert Memorial Park.  We hope you can help not only your veteran but consider buying a wreath for an unknown veteran who no longer has a family.  Just  335 more wreaths to reach the goal of one wreath for every veteran.

You may purchase your wreath at this link.

Please join us for the WAA memorial service on December 16 at 10 am at the Desert Memorial Park.