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New fast food retail coming to South China Lake Blvd.

By Patricia Farris News Review Publisher–

At the March 28 meeting of the City Planning Commission, a site plan review and tentative parcel map were unanimously approved. Chairman Warren Cox, Vice Chairman Bill Farris, Jr., and Commissioner Bernie Mondragon attended the meeting. The proposed plan uses the site for future commercial development, including two retail uses and three fast-food restaurants. They will each be using one parcel.

The plan also includes a crossing at the Bowman Channel to provide access to the whole commercial center. According to Heather Spurlock of City Planning, we have interested parties, but negotiations are still ongoing, and that information is still confidential.

The plan provides infill and more commercial revitalization to the unutilized area and is consistent with the city’s general plan.

The site plan also includes a transit bus stop and 129 parking stalls, with 49 for restaurants and 79 for retail establishments. Landscaping and a three-way signal on China Lake Blvd are included.