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News Review Staff Writer Helen Tomlin. / Laura Austin Photo

News Review brings new staff writer Helen Tomlin on board

The News Review welcomes Helen Tomlin as a new staff writer for our publication.

Helen moved to Ridgecrest in August 2003. She is married to Gary Tomlin, who has lived in Ridgecrest since 1986.

Helen’s interest in journalism began after high school. At that time, she wanted to have a career that allowed creativity, so she majored in Advertising/Journalism.  Since then, she has worked for newspapers and magazines in Oklahoma and Nevada.  She was primarily hired for advertising on those two platforms but recently received a Master’s in Classical Christian Studies, which focused more on writing.  After more than four years of having to write essays and final papers, she has been able to hone her skills in writing and says she enjoys it quite a bit.  Helen especially enjoys putting a creative angle or theme in her writing because, like a story, it makes the information easier to understand and follow.  She realizes facts are still important, so she gets them straight.

As a part of Helen’s achievements, she was the campaign organizer for the Attorney General’s political race in Nevada. Duties included: organizing fundraisers, designing logos, designing, and ordering signs, installing signs throughout the state of NV, attending campaign announcements, press conferences, debates, and speeches, riding in parades, and designing campaign flyers and brochures.

Helen worked as a speech writer and speaker from 1988 to the present.

Helen also is a public relations and event promoter and handled the public relations for three “Live Music on Easy Street” events for the Village Retreat (VR). Met with the owner to discuss plans and goals for each of the events. Found the singers and organized/monitored their singing schedules. 

A member of the Toastmasters speaking group. Helen completed the Competent Toastmasters (CT0) and Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) and continues to work on the advanced manuals. She served in various offices: Secretary, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Education, and President. In addition to Toastmasters, she attended several leadership and speaking conferences and led a women’s ministry group at a mega-church in Las Vegas for four years.

Her husband Gary is an electronic engineer and was a contractor at China Lake until five years ago.  He then began working for Northup Grumman as a field service representative for Global Hawk.  He works at Edwards AFB and travels to El Segundo, Rancho Bernardo, and Sigonella, Sicily, to support the Air Force and NATO.

Helen has four adult children.  Her oldest daughter, Rachel, is married and lives with her husband in Ridgecrest with three boys.   

We look forward to a long-time association and what she will bring to The News Review.