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Opportunities For Learning offers free varied career paths

The Chamber of Commerce Ridgecrest–  Opportunities For Learning (OFL) is a FREE public charter school providing personalized education to students who are disconnected from school or seeking a non-traditional learning environment. We believe that every student deserves a teacher who believes in them and an educational program that supports their individual needs.

Blended Learning

This innovative approach, which includes independent study, online, and small group courses, gives students the flexibility to tend to responsibilities outside of school.

Personalized Support

Students receive one-on-one support from their core teacher and access to FREE on-site single-subject tutors

Safe Environment Students enjoy learning in a safe quiet space, surrounded by nurturing staff.

College and Career Readiness Student Advisors, college tours, A-G courses, and career skills development programs are available to help every OFL student focus on their college or career path.

Sports and Events Sports, leadership programs, and events like prom are available to keep FL students filled with school spirit.

Opportunities For Learning Public Charter Schools An Exclusive WA Partner!


Some Opportunities For Learning Campuses now operate as an exclusive WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) partner.

Students at these campuses will be asked to choose a WIOA Career Path that will guide the focus of their academic and occupational training.

The chart below is a summary of the WIOA Career Paths FL public charter schools offer.

Ru CREATIVE Information Technology Arts, A/V Technology & Communications HEALTH Health Services & Diagnostic Support Health Services HELPING Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Government & Public Administration Hospitality & Tourism BUILDING/FIXING Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Architecture & Construction Manufacturing S.T.E.M. NATURE Natural Resources Food Resources Agriculture 8 BUSINESS Business Management & Administration Marketing Finance now enrolling.