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The crew at the Patriot Saloon are ready to welcome you to their grand opening tonight. /Laura Austin Photo

Patriot Saloon has its grand opening Friday


By LAURA QUEZADA News Review Staff Writer–The Patriot Saloon,  117 E. Ridgecrest Blvd, had their soft opening a few weeks ago, but tonight they celebrate with Live Music. A large part of the saloon is still under construction; with 3000 square feet to remodel, it may take a while. For tonight the band and patrons will hang out at the front of building.

Locals are already enjoying sitting at the bar at the Patriot Saloon. /Laura Austin Photo

The Patriot Saloon is open daily from 10am to closing, which can be anywhere from 10pm to 2am. Owner Tom Lara fires up the barbecue and cooks up a feast. Every Wednesday is steak night, Tuesdays are tacos with their menu available everyday. Tonight, starting at 4pm,  the menu is Brisket or Tri Tip with all the fixings.

Facilities Manager Deb Young tells us that right now the saloon has a separate room for three pool tables, a concrete fence around the outdoor smoking area, and the front bar with room for a band and dancing. In the works are wheelchair access entrances and accessible male and female restrooms and no doubt more amenities.

Electric Mantra, out of Lake Isabella, starts playing at 8pm. This band has a unique play list for a classic rock cover band. You don’t usually hear Jethro Tull with an actual flute player, nor do you get treated to the Star Spangled Banner the way that Jimi Hendrix played it.

   Earlier this year, local drummer Danny Reider joined the band comprised of Deadeye Dave Redman, Timmy West, Steve Cress, and Chicken Neck Charlie.  He’s excited to be in this band because of their high quality unique play list and the great variety of instruments, “keyboards, violin, harmonica, flute, two lead guitars.” All of the band members are vocalists, so the harmonies are wonderful. 

“It is an honor to play at the saloon’s grand opening,” says Reider. “For someone that has been playing in Ridgecrest for many years, I am happy to support the opening of a new venue for us, our band other bands to perform for Ridgecrest.”