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RADM Hash speaks on post earthquake China Lake rebuild

By Patricia Farris News Review Publisher– The China Lake Alliance hosted a luncheon Thursday, November 3 at the Springhill Suites conference center to welcome the new Commander of the Naval Air Warfare Command Weapons Division (NAWCWD), Rear Admiral Keith Hash. The Admiral gave his perspective on the current status and future challenges and opportunities that face the Navy and China Lake. He said, “We must move decisively.”  The Admiral came on board and took over as NAWCWD Commander on June 30th. NAWCWD includes China Lake and Point Mugu as well as smaller locations. That post-earthquake rebuild is being carried out under the officer in charge of construction and is intended to replace and upgrade capabilities after the 2-19 earthquakes. 

Rear Admiral Keith Hash

“Many of you are aware of the tremendous amount of building happening on the base,” Hash said. “There have been 13 ribbon cuttings this year, six of which will be on the new airfield. We are making tremendous progress and are looking forward to opening and moving our workforce into these new locations.” 

He noted that the chapel and gym are scheduled to open in early December. 

Hash attributed the rebuild being on schedule to the “top talent working on the project.” 

“Speaking of our workforce, we are hiring at all levels of our organization for both business and Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) related functions. At the moment we are almost 200 people short of our target that we want to have across the NAWCWD community, China Lake and Point Mugu. We’ve got a lot of hiring work going on.”

In response to a question from the audience, regarding the area receiving new work as the result of the rebuild, Hash responded, “I anticipate continual work coming.” 

“With all that construction going on, the Navy and the nation have put in a huge investment into this facility and they are going to use it.”

Hash described himself as “a person of faith, of family, of service.” He was complimentary of the community, saying he and his wife Misha have been welcomed warmly. He added I look forward to the Navy Ball next year, we enjoy the close-knit community.