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A racer screams down a strait away on the approximate eight miles of race course during the Viewfinders Grand Prix Races last weekend. / Laura Austin Photo

RC hosts Viewfinder Grand Prix Races

The Viewfinders Motorcycle Club hosted the Viewfinder Grand Prix last weekend. The Viewfinder Grand Prix consists of approximately eight miles of race course with varied terrain consisting of elements of a motocross track, desert sections and traditionally

A Peewee racer zips across the desert track during last weekends Viewfinder Grand Prix Races /Laura Austin Photo

oval track or dirt track which test the racers to see is the best all-round racer. The Viewfinders Motorcycle Club is one of the last clubs to have a city Grand Prix, meaning the race takes place completely within the city of Ridgecrest, using all the elements described above including asphalt streets.

In this year’s race approximately 1500 entries were received including “Peewees”,  youth and adult/amateur racers and professional racers representing factory teams.

Viewfinder Racer rips up the dirt around a sharp bend in the track. / Laura Austin Photo

The  Viewfinders Motorcycle Club worked together with several entities in Ridgecrest including the City of Ridgecrest, the Desert Empire Fairgrounds and several businesses.