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Kevin McCarthy / Courtesy Photo

Rep. Kevin McCarthy looks to pick up gavel as House Speaker

By Patricia Farris News Review Publisher– At press time, according to the Kern County Election Division, the unofficial returns for Tuesday, November 8, 2022 election were posted at 2:14 AM, Thursday, November 9. 

On the national scene, the latest numbers show that the Republicans have captured 209 seats for the House with the Democrats showing 189 seats. The House of Representatives must capture 218 seats to be in control.  For the senate, Republicans show 49 seats and the Democrats show 48 seats.  

On November 9, Leader McCarthy released the following statement on the Transition Teams for the 118th Congress:

“The House Republican majority is getting right to work. These Transition Teams will ensure we hit the ground running on issues that Democrats have ignored or made worse for the American people under one-party rule, all while shutting out our fellow citizens from the People’s House.

The Commitment to America details our vision for the majority and we will move to put that into action on Day One.

Christina Scrivner and Senator Shannon Grove, both winners of their respective seats, await election returns at the election party in Bakersfield, Tuesday night. / Laura Austin Photo

For County updates, the returns show that the Kern County Board of Education, and the Community College District seat, the numbers show the candidate for the Kern County Board of Education seat, Lori Cisneros received 5,398 votes, which is 59.65%, while the incumbent Ernie Bell received 3,651 votes, representing 40.95%. The Community College District seat candidate shows Christina Scrivner receiving 5,553 votes at 56.99%, with Jennifer Slayton receiving 4,190 votes, at 43.01%. 

On the local scene, Incumbent Mayor Eric Bruen shows 1,298 votes at 56.21%. Contender Tom Witnich received 1,011 votes at 43.79%. Incumbent Scott Hayman for City council has received 1,124 votes at 29.92%. John “Skip” Gorman received 1,066 votes at 28.37%, and candidate Chris Ellis received 975 votes, at 25.25%.

Measure P received 1,301 yes votes at 52.97% and 1,155 no votes at 47.03%

For Sierra Sands Unified School District School Board, Robert Campbell is leading at 1,415 votes at 17.63%, while Mary Campbell shows 1,367 votes at 17.03%. We have incumbent Kurt Rockwell receiving 1,108 votes at 13.81%. 

These numbers remain unofficial, as according to Kern County Election Division, there are thousands of absentee ballots still uncounted. The Kern County Election Division spokesman told The News-Review that it would probably be next week before they have an official report.