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Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce celebrates 77 years

Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce Kristina Cross October 2023–  With the turn of October, we find ourselves immersed in the delights of the season: crisp air, Halloween decorations, the anticipation of cozy sweaters, and the aroma of pumpkin spice. It’s a month filled with promise and excitement. Yet, for us at the Chamber, October holds a special significance. Since its inception on October 9th, 1946, the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce has been a bedrock of our community, tirelessly working to foster connections and fortify our local economy.

This month marks the Chamber’s 77th year of unwavering support for Ridgecrest and our community. Through the decades, the Chamber has woven itself into the very fabric of our community, leaving an enduring mark in countless ways. When I reflect on the Chamber, I’m struck by its legacy, and I am privileged to be a part of it today. Despite any challenges we may face, I firmly believe that the Chamber’s steadfast commitment to our local businesses is pivotal to the vitality and well-being of Ridgecrest as a whole.

For 77 years, the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce has been a cornerstone of our community, providing invaluable networking opportunities. The Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce has been a driving force behind the success of our local small businesses and the overall economy. It continues to set the standard for business communication and leadership. This October heralds the 77th anniversary of the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce, and it’s clear that this journey is far from its conclusion. Much has transpired over these years, and as we move forward, we eagerly anticipate what the future holds. Thank you for your integral role in shaping Ridgecrest, nurturing our business community, and fortifying the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce.

   Prior to the city’s incorporation, the pressing need for a voice to Kern County officialdom sparked a group of locals led by Dr. Larry Stevens, to form the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce. Bakersfield was 120 miles away. There was no local entity to complain to, Stevens said.

   In an attempt to promote the city, the Ridgecrest Chamber participated in the 1949 Death Valley Centennial, bringing 1,000’s of cars through Ridgecrest, en route to the celebration

  The Chamber is one of the oldest continuously operating organizations in the community. By 1988, Chamber membership consisted of 350 businesses and individuals.