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Ridgecrest Regional Hospital CEO Jim Suver / Laura Austin File Photo

RRH faces tough cuts in services

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital (RRH)– RRH is reducing some of its outreach and outpatient services in response to the financial and logistical pressures that have been taxing healthcare systems across the state and nation.

“COVID has changed our world. For two and a half years we have adapted and adjusted as best we could to ride out those challenges and preserve the service we provide to our community,” said RRH CEO Jim Suver. “Unfortunately, we have winherited cuts and changes that we have no choice but to pass on to the people we serve.”

RRH was still weathering losses associated with the 2019 earthquakes when the pandemic hit eight months later. In the third year of pandemic, historic inflation and other challenges have pushed California hospitals — including RRH — to the brink of financial disaster.

Because of these drivers, the hospital is scaling back on services that do not address urgent and emergent needs. These changes are aligned with ongoing evaluations, and adjustments will continue to be made according to need and sustainability.

“We know that the community is going to be disappointed, because quite frankly we are disappointed. However, I can say that our staff has worked diligently through these last several years in order to try and prevent any impact to our community,” said Suver.

“Our team continues to work on solutions at every level. In addition to being a good steward of diminishing resources, we are working with our legislators to advocate for fair reimbursements for the services we are providing.