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RRH seeks long-term financial solutions

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital (RRH)–As Ridgecrest Regional Hospital continues to navigate the ongoing crises of financial sustainability and access to local healthcare, the RRH Board of Directors has continued to work with partners — at the federal, state, and local levels — to find long-term solutions to protect services.

The skyrocketing costs of care, inadequate reimbursements, and a shortage of providers have created massive challenges in healthcare at the state and national level, and those forces have driven many rural hospitals to the brink of bankruptcy and closure.

To ward off more cataclysmic losses of services in the IWV, RRH was compelled to make focused cuts to service lines in order to maintain critical operations.

“However, in the interest of protecting what we have and hopefully restoring what has been lost, we need help working with our elected officials and other policymakers to ensure that those in positions of decision-making understand our challenges and lead the way for long-term solutions — for us and so many other remote populations,” said James Suver, CEO of RRH.

Suver said that RRH and its collaborators have begun to have direct dialogue with our federal representatives, sharing RRH’s unique challenges — including the unique needs of our population, funding shortages, and resource constraints.

“Our representatives in Congress are receiving firsthand accounts of the vital services our hospital provides, ensuring that our community’s health needs are recognized and prioritized. The idea is that these efforts will bridge the many gaps in policy and funding that have been barriers toward sustainable solutions.”

RRH officials will also continue to work with the East Kern Health Care District (EKHCD) to explore annexation, which could open up other potential revenue sources for local healthcare. EKHCD is currently working to establish a community engagement process to allow public input on the issue.