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SB1423 offers critical assistance for rural hospitals

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital (RRH)–

Legislation that proposes to extend a lifeline to healthcare providers in rural areas has gained the support of Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, along with scores of other hospitals and systems in California that are struggling to provide critical access to services for remote populations.

RRH is one of countless hospitals that has struggled to sustain essential healthcare services to small and geographically isolated communities. While difficulty recovering from COVID-era strain, shortages in providers, and other factors have contributed to driving facilities like RRH to financial hardship, the necessity of increasing Medi-Cal reimbursements for services has been identified as a crucial part of the solution.

Senate Bill 1423 has been written to rectify the imbalance between payments and the costs for care delivery, which will help hospitals sustain the necessary access to and provision of services. SB1423 has passed the Senate Health Committee with bipartisan support and is scheduled to progress to the Appropriations Committee.

“The need for quality healthcare service transcends geography and every other demographic that divides our elected leadership,” said RRH CEO James Suver. “We are calling on all California legislators to ensure that every community in our state has the same access to sustainable care.

“We are grateful that State Sen. Shannon Grove has committed support to this lifeline, and encourage all of our legislators to do the same.”

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital has one of the largest service areas in California and is nearly 100 miles away from the nearest full-service hospital.