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Seniors need to vote yes on prop. P

We senior citizens have a tendency to vote no on anything that will cost us money.  But we senios need to be careful about this proposition because it may really hurt us if it isn’t passed.   Our 2 fire stations are Kern County stations.  The city had a study done to determine the cost for the city to take over the fire services when the county sent a bill hugely increasing the cost for fire services. The study showed it was not cost-effective for the city to take over fire services, and we really need a 3rd station.  Because the city doesn’t have enough money to sustain 2 fire stations, if Prop P doesn’t pass the County may one of 2 things when the city doesn’t pay for 2 stations.   1, Close a station. 2, leave the second station open but charge for services like they do in L. A. County and other places. 

Without adequate fire protection, you will find an increase in your home insurance due to slow response times. 

Our police department is 11 officers short at this time.  Over the past few years, social justice initiatives and legislative decisions have placed law enforcement in a difficult position.  The last proposition we passed will expire in 2 years and we need to provide the pay and benefits to attract and keep good officers.   With hardened criminals being released from prisons, plus crimes no longer being prosecuted we need a fully staffed police department. 

To keep us safe,  read all the safety checks on Proposition P and vote yes.

Thank you and God bless us all. 

Ann Pruett  Ridgecrest