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David Krikac is surrounded by collectibles in his Shop Avenue store. / Laura Austin Photo

Shop Avenue to hold Grand Opening Celebration May 6

By LAURA QUEZADA News Review Staff Writer

There’s a Grand Opening Celebration at Shop Avenue  Saturday. Technically, it is a “reopening” with new owners David and Angela Krikac hosting a good time for the community. The fun starts at 10 am and goes until 5 pm at 301 W. Inyokern Road in Ridgecrest.

Kids can eat hot dogs and get their faces painted, or they can paint rocks. DJ Al from Trona will be spinning tunes, Angela will hand out her mini cheesecakes, Mama D will have catered eats, Muscle Mustangs of Ridgecrest will show their cars, and members from the Disturbed Souls Motorcycle Club will exhibit their bikes. There’s more, but you must show up to find out.

The Krikacs have owned the shop for about a month. Shop Avenue was a consignment shop in good shape when they bought it, but they are busily making changes to reflect their sensibilities.

Areas of the shop are themed. As you enter, it is gifts for the home and jewelry. In the back is their in-process clothing boutique. Eventually, part of the boutique will be geared toward back-to-work attire. They also plan to acquire prom dresses to be loaned and returned. There is a music store and a home goods area. In time, they will expand to the rear of the building and have a furniture gallery.

Once a restaurant, the building housed Bill’s Liquor for many years. The freezer used to be where the furniture will go until the gallery can be opened.

So this is how it works. You bring your collectibles and wares, enter into a contract with the shop, then your goods are displayed and sold by the shop. You receive 60% they get 40%. Or, for a different slice of the pie, one can rent their own space at about $3 per foot and take a different cut. It works out for everybody, including charitable organizations that need to convert donations into cash.

David still works full-time on base. Angela is retired and gets to do whatever she wants. What she wants to do is work in the shop. She was reluctant to join the venture but found it suited her once she started. “It’s not easy work,” she says. “It’s hard work. You’re doing something all day, whether pricing or rearranging. You get new people in; I love the rapport we build with our vendors.” Angela is quite creative and has many great skills, including knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, and baking cheesecake.

“We would love to have everybody in town come and see Shop Avenue,” invites David. “Come for gifts, back-to-school, and things for your family and home. We are always making changes in the store.” New vendors and new items arrive constantly. “There’s always something new and exciting in the store. If you don’t find it the first time, come back next week, and maybe we’ll have it.”