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Shopping for better health

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital Tera Moorehead – Going grocery shopping can either be exciting and rewarding or dreaded and daunting —depending on our current mood, situation and health. To add confusion, often-times we find ourselves overwhelmed by the variety of options and packaging claims. We are blessed to have so much food to choose from, but the abundant choices can make it hard to know what might be a better option for us, our particular nutrition preferences, and health concerns.

One of my number one recommendations for making the best choice for you is to look at the nutrition facts panel and ingredient list. We should all be food detectives; really looking at the items in the food or drink items we are considering. It actually is such an easy thing that gives us a lot of information so we can make informed decisions at the grocery store.

However, I understand that starting out this can still be confusing and you may not be sure what to look for. Ridgecrest Regional Hospital offers healthy grocery store tours to the community to educate, empower, and encourage you. During the tours we go through the store to highlight what to look for and what might be better options. I absolutely love creating and providing the grocery store tours because I have seen first-hand how knowing what is in the products I consume can have a major impact on my overall health and that of my family. 

We even have a diabetes grocery store tour that informs individuals with pre-diabetes or diabetes on some specific areas that may affect them more in regards to their health. The tour is interactive to help individuals understand what to look for and therefore empowers them to make the best decision for themselves and their specific areas of concern. From the produce aisle, to the bread and pasta aisle, and to the deli and dairy section, the tour highlights information that is specific for those with pre-diabetes and diabetes. Participants walk away with practical tips and knowledge to help them make more informed decisions when going to the grocery store tour. We have a tour coming up Oct. 20 at 5:30pm and Oct. 21 at 10am. Call 760-499-3825 to sign up. 

Our health and well-being is impacted by many things – and nutrition is just one of them. By making better decisions with what we choose to eat and drink and actually knowing what is in the items we consume, we can feel more empowered in this area of our health and allow nutrition to help us feel better and live better.      Call 760-499-3825 for information.