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Speaker McCarthy on Sunday Morning Futures

Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Press Office– On Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Speaker Kevin McCarthy laid out why the House of Representatives is conducting an impeachment inquiry into President Biden’s conduct. He also enumerated the Biden Administration’s repeated failures to strengthen the economy, secure the border, and keep Americans safe.

On Border Security:

“We have now found out that somebody associated with ISIS has been hired to bring people across the border. You’ve watched now that the Biden Administration we caught more people in the month of February on the terrorist watch list than the entire last four years under the last Administration, so I have requested, last Friday, a full classified briefing for all Members of Congress about what’s happening on the border right now.”

On the House’s Impeachment Inquiry:

“I think we’re showing the American public how we follow the Constitution. An impeachment inquiry is simply the ability that gives Congress the strength to get the answers to the questions — think about it — all this information we have now found we never would have known had not the Republicans taken the majority… We’re simply following the facts wherever it takes us, but unfortunately, it looks like a culture of corruption with this family.”

On the Appropriations Process:

“I feel we made some good progress this weekend. You know, when Republicans took the majority, we wanted to change Washington. We made Members show up for work, no more proxy voting, bills have to go through committee, no more of these omnibuses where the appropriation bills get jammed to us on Christmas time  — what we’re trying to do is pass them individually… We’re setting a structure to change the course of history.”