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Spotlight on Cero Cerro College student Annika Houck

Cerro Coso Community College Chandler Petrovich– Annika Houck is a Cerro Coso student who is an Art History and Studio Arts major and will graduate with both transfer degrees this May 2023. She is part of the Cerro Coso Promise program and is proactive in school activities.

Annika Houck

Houck is a determined student who always has a smile on her face! We had the opportunity to catch up with Houck to ask her about her time as a Cerro Coso college student and what her future holds.

 What is your major? Why?

“I am an Art History and Studio Arts major; I will graduate with both transfer degrees. I have always loved art, studying it, and producing it. I enjoy most subjects, I’m even tutoring Biology this semester, but art is the subject that I don’t get tired of. I love making art and trying new ways, and art history fascinate me.”

What are your educational plans/goals after Cerro Coso?

“I am planning to transfer in the fall to a four-year university. I’ve applied to several schools in California, and right now, I’ve got my eye on UC Berkeley, and I’m crossing my fingers. Regarding long-term goals, I can’t say for sure what I’ll get up to. Overall, I’m excited to see what transferring will look like.”

 What are your career goals/plans?

“I don’t have any specific goals, so I’m waiting to see what opportunities arise in the next couple of years, and I hope to enjoy figuring out where I fit. I’ve thought about lots of things, and most recently, I’ve considered pursuing a career working in an art museum. But again, it’s all up in the air.”

 Whom would you like to give a shoutout to at Cerro Coso?

“I’ve been taking classes at Cerro Coso since I was a freshman at Burroughs High School, so there are many people I cannot thank enough for what they have done and continue to do at the college for me and other students. Tanner McGuire is the instructor for all my other on-campus art classes. Art in the academic environment is tricky without the right instructors. I am lucky to have lots of opportunities for artistic experimentation.

“I also have to mention, of course, Chad Houck, the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services, because without his help, I’m not sure I would have fully realized the opportunities Cerro Coso has for all students and gotten the early start in my college career that I did.”

 What resource at Cerro Coso was the most helpful/useful to you?

“I don’t think most students realize how many resources the college has. From the library to the counselors to the team in the Outreach office, I’ve never felt abandoned as a student. There’s always someone to reach out to for help.

“The library and its resources have been a massive help to me as a student. Counseling was a big help in preparing to graduate and getting my classes and plan squared away. The workshops held for transferring were also super helpful for me when I was applying to schools.”

 What words of wisdom do you have for future and current Cerro Coso students?

“For future students, get started as soon as you can. Taking classes at Cerro Coso while in high school was so helpful in terms of getting a head start, saving money, and becoming a more confident student. Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge supporter of dual and concurrent enrollment. I hope more students take advantage of the opportunities they have at their local community college.

“Going the extra mile to take advantage of opportunities and make connections with instructors and faculty always pays off. So many people here are willing to help and drop their pearls of wisdom. When engaging in a class or with a professor, college is always more fun. At least that’s what I’ve found.”