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Bryan Auld, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. / Laura Austin Photo

SSUSD Elementary Schools bring in three new assistant principals

Sierra Sands Unified School District Bryan Auld Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources–

Conditions at many of our district elementary sites have evolved recently, making it necessary to add an additional administrative position.  The rationale for adding an additional administrative position includes, but is not limited to, the following:

 Different from many districts in the state, SSUSD is not in declining enrollment.  At many of our elementary sites, we have maintained pre-Pandemic enrollment numbers or, in some cases, enrollment has increased slightly.  Therefore, several elementary sites have reached, or have nearly reached, their enrollment capacity.

Universal Transitional Kindergarten has been implemented at each of the district’s six elementary sites and is expected to grow considerably in the coming two to three years.

As is the trend across the state, the district’s percentage of students with disabilities has increased significantly over the past several years from approximately 12% to approximately 19% currently.  This increase has had a drastic impact on elementary site principals who must attend each Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meeting, as well as growing numbers of Student Success Team (SST) meetings.

Consistent with districts statewide, we are experiencing increasing numbers of elementary-aged students who require tiered interventions to support academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs.  District Dashboard data and district performance results indicate needs related to chronic absenteeism and suspension, as well as student engagement and school climate.

 For these reasons and several more, Elementary School Principals throughout the district have found that their capacity to be instructional leaders has been eroded considerably.  Therefore, it has become necessary to provide additional administrative support.  Under the supervision of the site principal, the Elementary School Assistant Principal will help to ensure a positive learning environment for all students through the development, implementation, and support of school improvement goals and related actions. Additional support is focused on the unduplicated pupil percentage (UPP) student population in the areas of academic achievement, student engagement, and school climate.

These are the new assistant principals and where they are assigned:

Deidra Loudin to Richmond Elementary, Mark McKinney to Pierce Elementary, and Dulce Baca will go to Faller Elementary.