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A cold winter storm brought rain and snow to the valley and wind gusts upwards of 60 mph. / Laura Austin Photo

Stormy weather hits Indian Wells Valley

By Laura Austin News Review Staff Writer – 

   On February 21, the National Weather Service issued a forecast that impacted Kern County for winter storms between February 21-25. The cold winter storms affected the IWV bringing high winds with gusts upwards of 60 mph, with rain to the valley and mountain passes and snowfall to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. 

 The high winds blew sand and wreaked havoc across the valley—reports of downed trees, limbs, signs, and billboards.  Two semi-trucks were blown over Tuesday evening and Wednesday early morning near Brady Mobile Mini Mart and just north of Highway 14, 178 east intersections.

 The Kern County Fire Department issued safety precautions to follow when storms occur. Here are a few tips for future preparation:

 Monitor weather updates, sign up for emergency notifications at, prepare for potential power outages, keep non-perishable food, water, blankets, and a flashlight in your home and vehicles, limit unnecessary travel, and make sure your vehicle has at least half a tank of fuel.

 The Kern County Fire Department remains on alert and fully staffed and continues to monitor and respond to the impacts of winter storms while working with the National Weather Service and other Kern County departments.