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The Candle, The Gift, The Miracle! Sunday, May 5

By LAURA QUEZADA News Review Staff Writer– Hi-Desert Dance presents a Latin American-inspired recital on Cinco de Mayo. The Candle, The Gift, The Miracle! Starts at 3 pm at the Burroughs High School Multipurpose Room on Sunday, May 5. Admission is free; however, they will accept donations that will be given to a local charity. Stick around after the show for a Meet and Greet with the performers.

Laura Austin Photo /
Ready for the show: Back row left to right: Hailey Farmer, Lezly Albro, Cari Eck. Middle: Brandon Farmer. Front: Riley Benke

The performers range in age from four years old to a grandma called “Glamma,” Natalie Dorell. Instructor Grace Wooding tells us the heartwarming, family-friendly story is about a young girl from a magical family. Everybody in the family has some magical attribute. One sister is really strong, another grows flowers, a cousin can hear anything, and another cousin can shapeshift. However, Mirabel has yet to receive her magical powers. This is a story that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy and relate to.

Cerro Coso student Lezly Albra has been dancing at the Hi-Desert Dance Center for more than 10 years. She shares her excitement about this recital, “It’s been an absolute blast getting it all put together. The camaraderie among the dancers, some of whom I’ve known for years, has made it even more enjoyable. And there’s also the thrill of meeting new people through dance, creating new friendships and connections.”

Wooding teaches tap, jazz and acrobatics for the dance center. Yoga, Middle Eastern dance, and adult ballet are also offered at the center. The Groove Ballroom offers swing and ballroom dancing.