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The News Review endorses Tracey Gallagher for Superior Court Judge

We at The News Review heartily endorse Tracy Gallagher for Kern County Superior Court Judge. Gallagher has a proven record of although being tough, showing fairness in her treatment of alleged criminals.

Although successful as a Public Defender, Gallagher always strives to accept a higher responsibility within the courts. She remains one of the few who demonstrates her values to the U.S. Courts.

Serving with judicial integrity during times of division and chaos requires the skills that we have observed in Gallagher.

Keeping the Ridgecrest Courthouse has been a recently fought battle. The existing courthouse was under the threat of closure. Ridgecrest and Eastern Kern County desperately need local access to court justice. Gallagher has been a strong advocate for keeping the court system local. Retaining the local courthouse will represent a cost saving locally. If we lose our courthouse, the cost of prosecuting criminals in a remote judicial system will increase substantially. Losing our courthouse would mean the loss of courthouse employees.

The bottom line is, that we are certainly at a great advantage in having a resident in this role rather than having a judge from Bakersfield drive over here a couple of times a week.

Gallagher has lived in Ridgecrest since she was 18 years old and has contributed to the community in many meaningful ways during that time.

She has had 17 years serving in Kern County and she will continue to fight for our community including Navy personnel. Not an insignificant consideration.

We ask you to join us in this effort to have Tracy Gallagher as our Superior Court Judge.