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Tortoise Club to meet June 12

Ridgecrest Tortoise Club Robert Parker–

The Ridgecrest Tortoise Club is having its annual registration and chipping of pet desert tortoises. So come to our get-together in Leroy Jackson Park at 6:00 pm on Monday night, the 12th of June. You will get a sticker to put on your registered tortoise and a chip as well so you will know it’s yours, even should it escape. We’ll be there to answer questions on adoptions and anything else about turtles and tortoises. We do have a few males and some juvenile tortoises available and can go through the process of adopting a tortoise and registration, all free. If you can’t make the meeting, you can contact us at: or, or call, either Bob (760 446-2001) or Montynne (760 793-1913) for additional information.