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Trona All Class Reunion registration by 9-15 reminder

By LAURA QUEZADA News Review Staff Writer–
The Trona High School Alumni Association (THSAA) is reminding everybody to send in their registration for the All Alumni Homecoming Reunion by September 15 for the October 14 and 15 event. What hasn’t been spelled out for alumni is that this is possibly the last time they will have to see the high school intact.  Barbara Sorges, Co-Chair of the THSAA says, “

Barbara Sorges, Co-Chair of the Trona High School Alumni Association is reminding everybody to send in their registration for the All Alumni Homecoming Reunion by September 15. / Laura Austin Photo

In 2019 there were two major earthquakes in the valley and the high school received major damage, which is not cost effective to repair. So sometime this year the high school is scheduled to be demolished and a new high school will be built in the area of the current round school.”

Baby Boomers and older generations who grew up in Trona hold the memory of Trona of old very dear. It’s earned a bad reputation in recent years because years of corporate downsizing has done damage to the upkeep of the town and outsiders who move to town for the cheap rent bring a new level of crime. In earlier years many went to Trona schools from  kindergarten all the way through high school and graduation with the same kids. Those ties run deep as do the memories of how a company town treated its employees and their families.

Alumni should have received literature and reservation forms from their deca de leader. If not, they can call Sorges at 760-608-9338 and get the information. For the computer literate, information is on Facebook on the Trona High School Alumni Group page. You can see who has registered so far at Trona on the Web (

Your $60 reservation covers your Saturday lunch, evening hors d’oeuvres, entrance to the dance at the Elks Club, and helps towards the cost of the tent that will be set up outside the Elks Club with tables and chairs inside. Souvenirs are also available to order via the registration form.

   The two day event will have all of the traditional homecoming activities: A parade, football game, crowning of the Homecoming Queen, bonfire, lighting of the ‘T,’  a memorial wall featuring photos of departed alumni, and joy from seeing your lifelong, long lost friends. Sorges tears up when she says, “It’s getting together with your friends and your classmates. Especially when you get to be older, you just don’t have the opportunity to see these people and you don’t know if you’ll ever have another opportunity. So it’s really important to spend this time together.  We have some classmates that graduated in 1963 that have always come before and they can’t come this time for various reasons. There are a couple that haven’t come for a while that are saying, ‘I gotta make that one last trip to Trona.’ So it’s gonna be really cool.

“We started these in 2000 to celebrate the millennium, and then decided we had such a good turnout and everybody had so much fun, we wanted to do this again. ‘Let’s do this every five years.’ So we’ve been doing it every five years; however, 2015 was the last one. 2020 obviously was when we were supposed to have our next one and because of COVID that was canceled. We weren’t comfortable having it in 2021. So here we are, 2022, and we’re giving it a try.”

New this year is a Friday night street dance on Frontage Road in the parking lot in front of what used to be the Liquor Store, Department Store and the Grocery Store (depending on how far back you remember.) DeeJay Eric Shoaf of Good Vibrations is donating his time. Saturday night’s band will be a big treat as Trona alumni Johnny Young brings his band, Uptown Atx, from Austin, Texas. They are billed as Austin’s Premier Dance Band who play everything from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

Tell a friend and submit your registration by September 15.