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Upcoming attractions for City of Ridgecrest

By Patricia Farris News Review Publisher – There are upcoming plans for an EV charging station with a drive-through coffee shop and a new burger grill coming to Ridgecrest, according to Economic Development Analyst Megan McKenzie. According to McKenzie, these projects are at various stages of development.

The 20-level and level 3 EV charging station with solar carports, covered parking, a drive-through coffee shop with outdoor seating and restrooms is to be located near McDonalds on China Lake Blvd. This plan was approved in July by The Planning Commission.

A Habit Burger Grill is scheduled to be built just north of Chipotle Mexican Grill. The plan was approved by The Planning Commission in June of 2022

The Oasis Motel off China Lake Blvd is considering adding 14 units. This project will be constructed using building materials that will be 3D printed and composed of 60% recycled plastic. These plans were approved by The Planning Commission in June of 2022.

Two new hotels are planned for 3.72 acres of vacant land on South China Lake Blvd. This project will include Home-to-Suites and Woodspring Suites hotels on 6 parcels. The Planning Commission approved this plan in Oct 2022.

Currently under construction north of Chipotle is a Frosty Peaks Frozen Treats shop and a churned custard shop.

The time of completion for this project is estimated to be in March 2023.

Construction is planned to begin by spring or summer of a 165,000-square-foot shopping center. This is to include a 10-screen cinema, a bowling alley, retail stores, restaurants and offices. 

The Mojave View apartments now under construction on North Norma consist of 75 apartments for lower-income householders.

Grant and is expected to be completed by 2025.

The Economic Development Committee meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.