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Snow geese are among the thousands of other ducks and birds that winter at the Wildlife Refuge / Laura Austin Photo

View spectacular fly-in of 1,000’s of birds on weekend of Feb. 18

Kern Crest Audubon Society Daniel Burnett–  If you watch wildlife programs, you have undoubtedly seen footage of thousands of birds in huge flocks settling on ponds and fields in the wilds of Africa, India, or Asia and thought about how wonderful it would be to see such things yourself. Well, here is how you can do that.

It’s time to revive our once-annual foray to the wetlands of the southern San Joaquin Valley to view wintering waterfowl and shorebirds. The main attraction is watching the daily spectacular sunset fly-in of thousands of Sandhill Cranes and White-faced Ibis at the Pixley National Wildlife Refuge! During the day, we will visit the Kern Wildlife Refuge, where many species of ducks, rails, raptors, geese, etc., are in winter. 

Some trippers will take their RVs or camping gear to the Campground at Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. The history of the restored Town of Allensworth was established as a black community after the Civil War – an appropriate place to investigate during Black History Month. Others will come for the day either on Saturday or Sunday.

The sunset viewing will be held on Saturday, February 18. Some campers will be at Allensworth on Friday, February 17th.To join those campers leaving Friday for Colonel Allensworth, call Brenda Burnett at 760-382- 4935. Bob Parker will lead a group departing Ridgecrest early Saturday morning. To join that group, call Bob at 760-446-2001 to arrange a meeting place. Car-pooling is possible. Those who come from the Kern River Valley area or miss connecting with Bob can call Brenda to arrange a meeting time, location, and directions for joining the group. 

No need to join a safari for this awe-inspiring wildlife experience.