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Water evaporates before replenishing our basin?

This is the second time I have read the following remarks, made by a “Class Ring” that works for the subject. I define a “Class Ring” as a College educated individual with No common sense.

A few weeks ago or more, The LADWP opened, I think, three of their gates off the LA Aqueduct and is releasing water into our IWV Basin underneath the whole of Inyokern, the Navy Base, and the city of Ridgecrest areas, deep underground.  Then the “Class Ring” said that most of the water would probably evaporate before replenishing our water basin.

Just this past week, in your great paper, those remarks were published again, and that same saying was made again, even now when the LADWP opens FIVE gates.  That water will probably evaporate, with all those gates pouring water into the IWV basin.

The Class Ring must consider us people who use the IWVWD as a water source to be really stupid or close to it.  I never knew that the Sun shines here 24/7.

These five gates, or less, will probably run mostly all Summer, and I know people who work for the LADWP… nuff said.

Patrick Hannan