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What does a Smart Home look like?

Ridgecrest Ca Homes Clint Freeman– There is a transition happening in the housing market whereby the goal is to build and convert homes to run all-electric. There is a rebate program presently in the works known as The California Energy-Smart Homes program. It provides incentives for builders and homeowners to transition to all-electric residential construction and renovation.

There are rebate incentives homeowners can take advantage of for the electrification of existing single-family homes, duplexes, multifamily low-rise homes, room additions, home alterations, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

I had a chance to view one such local home where the owner has made significant Smart Home renovations and is about to apply for $6,900 worth of rebates through the Smart Homes program.

For starters, he installed a 7.2kw solar system comprised of 18 panels. In the garage is a combiner, a 50 amp electric car charger, and the ability to plug in a portable generator with a 5kw load if ever needed. 5kw is enough to power the refrigerator, heating and cooling, water heater, and a few of the main power plugs if needed in the event of a power outage.

Next, a mini-split unit was installed that is essentially a heat pump. Each room has its own upper wall-mounted unit, with the exception of the living room and dining area. In these rooms, there are flat cassette units that fit flush with the ceiling, and the units pump condensation out through the attic.

The owner also purchased a GE All-In-One electric washer/dryer. This “One And Done” product is a washer and dryer all in one unit. There is no lint vent hose. There is an auto detergent dispenser that scans the type of detergent and injects the exact amount needed. The washing and drying take place all in the same inner spinning tub.

Also updated is the water heater: a  Reem 50-gallon 220-volt electric heat pump unit. There was a $500 rebate from Home Depot at the door when the water heater was purchased. The unit is a bit noisier than a standard gas type. However, with a little rubber packing on the wood stand and walls, the vibration can be significantly dampened.

Lastly, the kitchen is outfitted with an electric induction stove. With these units, there is no heat produced unless a pan is placed on the stovetop surface. The oven below is convection. The microwave can be used as an air fryer, a new feature with upgraded microwave oven units.

The refrigerator is also Energy Star Rated. It has a transparent right door whereby if it is touched, an interior light is activated that enables one to view the contents without opening the door.

The owner of the home I viewed shut his gas off at the meter. He only now uses natural gas if he wants to fire up his living room gas fireplace in the winter. With the solar system and all of the upgraded appliances, he pays $0 in electricity.

More on the California Energy Smart Home Program can be found at or at

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